Regularly practicing yoga helps maintain and improve overall health.Yoga reveals to you the beauty of mindfulness and takes you into the essence of an endless present moment.”

Yoga can help heal the body, relax the mind and revive the spirit. The word Yoga means ‘union’ which represents the coming together of mind and body through the practice of posture and breathing.

On the physical level, yoga provides increased body flexibility and improved posture, thereby creating a feeling of well-being and balance. Having a more supple body increase the range of motion of joints and limbs, thereby reducing the risk of injury during sporting events and normal, everyday activities. Athletic performance can be enhanced by incorporating yoga into a training routine.

Improved breathing and focus on the breath induces a feeling of calmness throughout the body whilst increasing energy levels in a positive, non-stressful way.

Experiencing reduced stress, achieving a clear mind, and promoting a feeling of calmness, or ‘one-ness’ can provide that feel good factor that has become the hallmark of yoga practice. Its benefits go far beyond its apparent simplicity; all the more so in that it can be practiced by all ages and abilities, providing all practitioners with a great way of keeping ailments at bay.










“Na’s yoga 1-1 class, lasing 90 minutes, can be tailored to address specific health needs and problem areas. This is achieved using a blend of postures, chanting, breathing, meditation and relaxation.

Beginning with 3 ‘OM’s, the class commences with gentle stretching; mobilising the joints of hands, arms, feet and legs. This warms the body and prepares it for the stronger stretches to come as the class progresses.

Na learned her teacher training at the renowned World Peace Yoga School in India and follows classical yoga teaching methods and practices. She explained the different ways of breathing, known as Pranayama, and their importance in postures, or ‘asanas’. We spent a few minutes exploring the different breathing techniques and the purpose and benefit of each. Proper breathing plays a significant role in balancing mind and body within a yoga practice.

My particular class focussed upon shoulder stiffness and Na’s soft and gentle voice guided me through of localised stretching techniques before moving on to more complex positions. Na’s explanations were clear, practical and showed great insight into how the body responds to the various yoga techniques. Many postures are initially performed in a sitting or lying position so that the body is gradually prepared for the standing and balancing postures that come later. Each asana is selected to both stretch and mobilise muscles and joints.

Na demonstrates and guides throughout the practice so that she can vary the intensity of the position to suit individual needs and abilities. One of the strengths of Yoga is its non-competitive nature, allowing students to perform at, and gain insight into, their own personal needs and goals. Na’s ability to encourage and develop this ability within the student is one of her great strengths and achievements.

After concentrating on shoulder mobility, we progressed to hip opening and leg exercises. This involves gently stretching into position, holding, and breathing your way to greater relaxation within the posture. Having worked through these postures, my whole body felt relaxed, released and stress-free. It was now time to move into a relaxing meditation.

Lying in the ward comfortable room, I listened to Na’s soft voice guiding me progressively through each of the body’s energy centres, or chakras. Covered in a warm blanket, this period of meditation allowed me to absorb and fully benefit from my practice; leaving me with a wonderful feeling of overall well-being and at one-ness with myself.

Na’s class is a great opportunity for students to appreciate the full health-giving benefits that yoga can bring by using meditation and breathing to complement the stretching and movement of yoga postures. A truly unique experience.” – Paul C

The day was well structured. I haven’t done yoga for 3 years and it was just the right amount of yoga and meditation. Really enjoyed the Thai dancing. Would like to make sure that all yoga poses are done on each side of the body. I think of yoga  you are a brilliant teacher you have a very calm personality which puts everyone at ease.  Thank you for yoga and brilliant meditation today. – Debbie G

I enjoyed learning the breathing technique + Thai massage. and the Thai dance was great fun! Your are very friendly + welcoming thnak you. Such a wondeful relaxing day!. Thank you for a lovely day-. Penny H

I enjoyed the challenges of meditations. stilling my mind – I loved Thai massage. I like the teaching method not solemn., some fun . I would like to use my own mat/blanket etc.  Na don’t ever change, stay as lovely as you are – Louise H

I liked the time to myself, learning lots of new things with no outside stresses. I think you have a great manner with people and you made the session fun! I learnt a lots! Thank you Na, and good luck! – Kathryn C 

The new challenges, it was different, laughing, using noise without words, dancing:) freestyle. Yes, it’s good value. I love the concept of the day and the mantras too. I loved the connection of the group and personal challenges. I will be using lots of tips at home too :).I liked it when you explained a few extra things, like Thai culture + dancing:).  Thank you Na – Natacha B

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