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Do you want to learn some massage skills to use on your partner, family and friends? 

Discover origins of Thai Massage with authentic Thai instructor. 

We offer a fun, friendly, relaxing and inspirational atmosphere in our introductory workshops.

Thai massage (lazy man’s yoga) is an ancient technique of body manipulation that consists of stretching and compressing the major muscle groups in the body to relieve stiffness and induce a prolonged feeling of well-being, reduced stress, and ‘one-ness’ throughout the body.

 It is performed fully clothed, on the mat on the floor, in a relaxed, soothing environment designed to treat both mind and body to a relaxing and uplifting experience.

 The major benefits of Thai Massage are:

·        Can be used to treat common ailments, including back and joint pains.

·        Relieves stiffness and aches in muscles and joints.

·        Boosts energy levels and promotes that all-important ‘feel-good’ factor.

·        Experiences waves of total-body relaxation throughout the massage.

·        Can be used as a whole-body technique or used to focus on individual problem areas.

·        Effects can be felt days and weeks after the massage.

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