60 minutes   £55

90 minutes    £80

“Self- Care is Look after yourself first so you can look after others.”


Signature Massage It is Mantana’s unique 90 minutes treatment created exclusively for Pannarai Therapy. It’s a combination of deep breathing, acupressure, yoga stretching techniques, meditation, reiki healing and scented of essential oil. Done fully clothed without oil and performed on the mat on the floor. You will not experience this treatment anywhere else. It is our most powerful and popular treatment – for heal the body, relax the mind and revive the spirit.

Thai Yoga Massage  is a traditional healing system using deep tissue, pressure points and some yoga stretching techniques it is a unique form of massage from Thailand. It combines these ancient Thai techniques to alleviate stress and tension, and also relieves muscles aches and pains. Done fully clothed without oil and performed on the mat on the floor.

THAI COMBINATION MASSAGE  unique  to Pannarai is combination of deep pressure point, Thai stretching massage and Thai aroma oil  massage for relaxing. 


NATURAL FACELIFT MASSAGE or FACIAL REJUVENATION, this revitalising treatment is an extraordinary face massage and healing technique, acupressure, stimulate skin and lymphatic drainage on the face. Helps to pull up the skin, relax tense muscles plus massage on the neck, shoulder and head. 

REIKI HEALING is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

THAI AROMA OIL MASSAGE is relaxing massage with naturally Lemongrass scented essential oil.

BACK, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE is concentrate on back, neck & shoulder, releasing muscles tension, knots or adhesions.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is Thai style deep massage uses firm pressure & slow strokes to deep layers of muscle. Releasing specific chronic pain, stiff, knots or adhesions.

THAI HERBAL MASSAGE is massage with warm cotton sack filled with Thai herbs.


THAI FOOT MASSAGE is reflexology-natural deep relaxing and healing for feet.



“Having suffered from frozen shoulder for a number of years chose to try the 4 hands healing massage to start with. This was due to wanting something gentler than the Thai Traditional massage as a starting point while also allowing a greater amount of work to be done on my shoulder in only a 1 hour session. I won’t claim it was pain free in regards to my shoulder as the massage pushed my limitations whilst remaining respectful of them but what I can say is that after only a few sessions I have regained a reasonable range of movement. This has been the best decision I have made in a long time and while I still have a way to go to achieve full movement I am now at a point where perceive it possible. Thank you Na – Ken Evans


“I’ve had massage around the world. This was the best I’ve ever had. Completely flawless and intuitive aroma massage and reflexology. Came out floating. – Jen Devlin


“Thank you for this lovely experience. The massage was amazing. My migraine is gone. I am very glad that my friendgave me gift vouchers and had an opportunity to come here. I am going to be your usual guest from now on Love – Erika


“Very friendly, lovely young lady. Highly recommended the massage, make me feel young again! Relieve the knots and tensions after couple dayI feel benefit of it. Thank you and I will be back again…Na you are the best!!! – Paul Burgess

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