We offers a range of top quality Thai massage and holistic therapies from highly skilled and trained professionals that are committed  and do our best to delivery the best possible treatments for your health and well-being. 

All Therapists here are known for their professional high standards  and experience and are unique in their own specialist therapy, some of which are combination therapies providing natural healing within their treatments. 

All Treatments provide an antidote to the stresses and strain of modern life and you will leave us ready to face the world once more. 


Couples massage to share experience with your partner, family or friends. 

Thai Yoga Massage  is a traditional healing system using deep tissue, pressure points and some yoga stretching techniques it is a unique form of massage from Thailand. It combines these ancient Thai techniques to alleviate stress and tension, and also relieves muscles aches and pains. Done fully clothed without oil and performed on the mat on the floor.
THAI COMBINATION MASSAGE  unique  to each therapists is combination of deep pressure point, Thai stretching massage and Thai aroma oil  massage for relaxing. 
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is Thai style deep massage uses firm pressure & slow strokes to deep layers of muscle. Releasing specific chronic pain, stiff, knots or adhesions.
BACK, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE is concentrate on back, neck & shoulder, releasing muscles tension, knots or adhesions.
THAI AROMA OIL MASSAGE is relaxing massage with naturally Lemongrass scented essential oil.

THAI HERBAL MASSAGE is massage with warm cotton sack filled with Thai herbs.


THAI FOOT MASSAGE is reflexology-natural deep relaxing and healing for feet.

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