30 MINUTES – £35      60 MINUTES – £55    

THAI YOGA MASSAGE is Thai Stretching massage without oil and done fully clothed perform on the mat on the floor.

THAI COMBINATION is Unique to Pannarai, stretching massage techniques combined with Thai aroma oil massage which you won’t experience from anywhere else.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is concentrate on back, neck and shoulder uses firm pressure & slow strokes to deep layers of muscle. Releasing specific chronic pain, stiff, knots or adhesive.

THAI AROMA OIL MASSAGE is relaxing massage with naturally Lemongrass scented essential oil.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE is reflexology – natural deep relaxing and healing for feet.

NATURAL FACELIFT MASSAGE or facial rejuvenation, this revitalizing treatment is an extraordinary face massagem and healing technique, acupressure, stimulate skin and lymphatic drainage on the face. Helps to pull up the skin, relax tense muscles. Including neck, shoulder and head massage.


30 MINUTES – £60    60 MINUTES – £90

 COUPLES MASSAGE to share experience with your partner, family or friends. 

Coming soon couples retreat in Thailand 2020