Mantana Tayarat (Na)

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”

Swasdee Ka


Mantana, originally from Thailand, is both founder and owner of Pannarai Therapy in Eastbourne. She comes from a background where generations have been classically trained in Traditional Thai massage, during which time her family has enhanced and developed its own unique massage style.

Mantana qualified in professional Thai massage from Thailand in 2005, giving her over 12 years’ experience, including a qualification as a massage instructor and a teacher trainer; thereby making her a true master of her craft. These qualifications have been awarded by the following organisations: The Ministry of Public Health, The Department of Skill and Development, Thai Traditional Medical Service and The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society in Thailand.

In addition to offering Thai massage, Mantana has been teaching Thai massage in Eastbourne and the surrounding area; a course that she has been running since 2012. Numbers are limited, only teaching students on a 1-1 or couples basis as this ensures a very high standard of training. Some of her students have since gone on to use their newly acquired skills to treat family and friends, whilst others work in the massage and beauty industry. Some of her former students now run their own businesses at various locations throughout the UK.

Trained to a high standard in her own specialist therapy she loves, by nature, to learn and develop new skills, knowledge and experience.. Mantana studied in the UK and qualified in Health and Social Care, working as a Health Care Professional for over 5 years. More recently she has studied Energy Healing and obtained a 2nd degree in Reiki. She has also qualified in a specialist form of facial massage called Natural Facelift Massage.

To increase her skills and knowledge even further, Mantana  recently attended a Yoga Teacher Training course in India, the spiritual home of Yoga, where she trained under the guidance of an internationally recognised yoga guru. Now a certified teacher herself, Mantana has returned to the UK and is now offering yoga classes as part of her established Pannarai business.  She fully understands the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga; and that makes her classes a unique blend of physical and mental well-being. Each class includes a period of deep breathing and meditation techniques allowing students
to fully adsorb the spirit and benefits of their yoga practice. A
n experience not to be missed.

Combining her skills from Thailand and the UK, she has developed excellent customer care skills which have brought her to where she is today. She now has a large community of satisfied and repeat customers who fully appreciate her skill and dedication. Mantana has a very high reputation. She has worked hard to build her business and offers authentic Thai therapies from beautiful therapy room in Eastbourne.

In common with many people, Mantana has had her own health issues. This experience has given her the motivation to develop her skills and knowledge to use in a positive way. Her strength is combining all of her skills and knowledge to help others achieve their own health and happiness goals. Customers always leave Pannarai’s studio with a feeling of improved health, increased happiness and a welcome feeling of well-being.

Khob khun Ka

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