About the workshops

 Course are designed to suite new beginners for those who want to learn new skill to treat yourself, partner, family, friends and colleague. Mantana loves what she does and also does her best, taking pride as a specialist in providing a professional Thai massage.

 Why choose us:

·       1 day introduction Thai massage workshops

·       Mantana workshops are unique, simple but effective.

·       Learn a life time skill

·       Learn at your own pace

·       Fun & friendly

·       Meet new people

·       Make new friends

·       Achieve your personal goal

·       Build up self-confidence

·       New career opportunity

·       Be around positive minded people

About the Workshops:

·       Authentic Thai massage instructor

·       Fully Hands on learning

·       Suitable for everyone

·       Small groups (10 max)

·       Comfortable relaxing and atmosphere

·       Affordable and convenient

·       Runs from 10:30am to 4:30pm

·       Gift voucher also available

·       Equipment and refreshment provided  

What you will learn:

You will learn about Thai massage and how Thai massage can with help your health issues, improve muscles, joint flexibility and also the benefits for your daily life.

·       Understand energy lines

·       How to use pressure or force point techniques

·       Stretching and twisting techniques

·       Rocking techniques

·       Position & movement techniques

·       Body massage techniques

 These techniques include:

 ·     Open the ‘wind gates’ to the legs techniques

·       Working on the foot, legs & buttock

·       Working on the back, shoulder & neck

·       Working on the arms and hands

·       Working on the head, neck & face

·       Working on abdomen  

What to bring:

·    Wear loose comfortable clothing

·    A light, cold lunch


20 South Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4XF

Booking required by phone on 07597 313561

Cost:  £105 per person

*You will receive a certificate of attendance*

** To promote our workshop and create a unique memory for us all, we will take your photo as part of the learning experience **