• Peta Heskell

    Fantastic massage. Really gets deep into the body. I need one of these every night! But i'm contenting myself with booking the 1 hour foot massage on Fridays... great stuff..Thank you Na and the team.

    Peta Heskell
  • Anastasia

    Did an amazing job on my full body massage today. Very welcoming,professional and friendly. Couldn't recommend Thai Healing Studio more! Xx

  • Seskin Kelly

    Frankly amazing. Proved my suspicions about all the tight areas of my body. Significantly improved my shoulder mobility and reduced pain and inflammation there too. Somehow I need to find a way to do this three times a week Thank you!!!!

    Seskin Kelly
  • Goi Raspru

    Had a couple massage here before and Had a lovely full body massage today and I loved it. So relaxing didn't want her to stop. Thank you so much na ka Nah Naa xx

    Goi Raspru
  • Hanif Rajwani

    Mantana is excellent very knowledgeable knows exactly what to do with all the tight areas blending 2 different techniques,deep tissue and thai massage tailoring it to my individual needs.Highly recommend her 5 star

    Hanif Rajwani
  • Louise Clare

    I have regular massages at the Thai Healing Studio ( Pannarai Therapy ) and always find them extremely relaxing and beneficial for my tired and stressed muscles. The ability to intuitively listen to what each individual client's body needs is a gift indeed that makes a good massage great. Thank you.

    Louise Clare
  • Chris Mcdowell

    Thank you for the more amazing massage I have ever had. I have neck and shoulder problems with deep tissue massage releasing tension and knots at 1st quite painful and she said "No Pain No Gain" after that with stretching and hot herbal compress is amazing ! Improved everything feel much lighter and looser. Very nice experience in a very relaxed atmosphere, professional, qualified and experience and most important she is very kind and cares about her clients . Highly recommended. Thank you Na.

    Chris Mcdowell
  • Uzma Ahmed

    Have finally found someone locally that does authentic Thai massage (better than some I've experienced in Thailand!). Had an amazing massage today, thank you so much! Can't wait to return X

    Uzma Ahmed
  • Michelle Samuel

    I have been seeing osteopaths, sports masseurs, kinesiologists on and off for 20 years due to several aches and pains (I'm only 40)!!! However after seeing Na for a session today I am able to move my neck fully something I haven't been able to do for years and I feel stretched in a good way. I can highly recommend a visit and have all ready booked my next appointment in. Thank you Na you are amazing.

    Michelle Samuel
  • Kim Tinkler

    I have been a client of the Thai Healing Studio ( Pannarai Therapy ) for almost 3 years, receiving treatment on an almost weekly basis. Na's knowledge and expertise has given me treatment for a variety of aches and pains to the highest professional standard and even cured my frozen shoulder, when my GP could only offer me surgery!I believe her treatment enables me to carry on my daily routine and prolonging my working life. This evening I experienced for the first time THAI HOT HERBAL STEAM THERAPY. After sweating out in the steam tent for 15 mins, my skin felt very fresh and clean. During the following massage I experience much more skin sensitive compare to my usual massage. My whole body felt very relaxed and my mind stilled.

    Kim Tinkler